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Question Joomla Version Information

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5 years 4 days ago - 5 years 3 days ago #78 by Laurie
Joomla Version Information was created by Laurie
Hi there!

I've been working on a site for a while. It was built by a large web building organization in Melbourne.

Heaps of things were disabled (I'd use the term busted), I guess for extra security reasons and I'm guessing also to hide the inability to update anything because of the pirated, paid extensions.

It was built on J2.5.14 and stuck there because the update function was disabled (busted).

I've got nearly everything fixed on my dev version (I managed to get an Akeeba backup).

I achieved this by restoring the backup to my hosting, upgrading manually using the Stable Update Package to J2.2.27 (the Stable Patch Package was no use).

Then I made a clean J2.5.27 install, removed the database, exported the database from the busted site and imported it to the clean site.

Then using the apropriate Stable Upupdate Package, I upgraded to J3.3.6.

I didn't count the number of failures I had getting this far but it would have been over 20. The joint is littered with redundant databases and busted installations.

The only thing I've found to be not working is the Joomla Version Information.

Looking in the restored dev site (J3.3.6), the version of the Joomla Version Information module is 2.5.0. In the clean installation (J3.3.6) it's 3.0.0 which would be correct, I reckon.

I found the database table entry for Joomla Version Information in the _modules table of the clean installation that I've just now made but it's missing from the cleaned up dev site's database.

I don't know if I'd be doing the right thing if I export the needed row from the database table from the pristine site and import it into the dev site. Maybe what I need to do is uninstall the V2.5.0 Joomla Update Information module and install the V3.0.0 version.

I suppose if I do the latter, the table row will be created. Is this correct?

But where do I get a new module to install?

Would I do any good if I downloaded administrator>modules>mod_version from the pristine site, zipped it and installed in the dev site in the normal way? I suspect I'd be missing the installer.

Should I simply download and then upload to the dev site?

Is there some other way to fix this?

Rather a lengthy explanation for a little question. Hope it all makes sense.

UPDATE upon further investigation.

The dev version has the correct xml file, same as the pristine version in mod_version.

When I go to the extension manager for the dev version, the Joomla Version Information shows as 2.5.0, Module, Administrator.

When I go to Extension Manager>Modules>Select Type>Admimistrator, the module doesn't show up.

I think this is because the database table row is missing so there's nothing to make it happen.

I have a backup of the site so I'll have a go at importing the row from the pristine site. Wish me luck!

FURTHER UPDATE. I've imported the table row from the pristine site and the version information now works. Hoorah! Hoorah!

It still shows up as V2.5.0 but I can live with that. Maybe it will come good if I do a manual update using the Stable Update Package when J3.3.7 comes around.

Last edit: 5 years 3 days ago by Laurie.

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5 years 3 days ago #79 by sozzled
Replied by sozzled on topic Joomla Version Information
To be totally honest with you, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

I read through your story and you certainly have my sympathy—particularly concerning the rather cruel circumstances into which you were unceremoniously dumped. Whenever I was called into examining a project that had struck seemingly insurmountable hurdles, of course, the natural reaction is to look at what can be salvaged. But, sometimes, attempting to salvage something that is (at worst) irretrievably broken or (at best) a lingering danger may be worth re-thinking the strategy.

How many times have we been asked by our friends or neighbours (or family) to look at a "simple" problem like "every now and then my PC/laptop seems to have a mind of its own?" When we put our "technical hats" on, to investigate the micreant piece of technology, we discover that (a) the equipment was originally purchased about 8 years ago and the software has rarely (if ever) been updated, (b) much of the software that was installed on it was "pirated" or "shareware" versions of the genuine products, and (c) the equipment was "given" to our friend/neighbour/family member as their first computer but the device was never properly sanitised. I'm sure we've all been in this situation before and, nine times out of ten, our instinct would tell us to trash this worthless piece of junk and start again.

Analysing website problems and developing an action plan to address them should not really be that dissimilar. Keep what's worthwhile and trash the garbage. The ultimate question, however, is what parts of your client's site are valuable and what parts are not?

Yes, it's possible to piece a bunged-up Joomla website back together again. If you know your way around the Joomla database tables, most things are possible; but, gee, they can take a lot of time.

The Joomla _assets table is a great place to start when you've got problems with what's properly installed and what's not.

Laurie wrote:

[The Joomla Version Information module] still shows up as V2.5.0 [on my J! 3.3.6 site] but I can live with that. Maybe it will come good if I do a manual update using the Stable Update Package when J3.3.7 comes around.

Wishful thinking, I think, and I doubt that J! 3.3.7 will offer that panacea. I have not heard any announcement about J! 3.3.7; the buzz around the Joomlaverse seems to be about J! 3.4 beta and the problems that this new version will cause for Joomla users everywhere.

I must confess to you that I don't actually know what the Joomla Version Information module does or why it may be needed.

Read my blog and
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5 years 3 days ago #80 by Laurie
Replied by Laurie on topic Joomla Version Information
Thanks for the insights Michael!

Yes, I did discuss with the client's business consultant, for whom I work, the possibility of starting from scratch with a clean installation, recreating the category and navigation structure and copy/paste the articles over.

Sounds like J3.4 will not be something to rush into. Let others suffer the teething problems, huh.

I'll have a look at the _assets table, though I'm out of my depth here and don't expect to spot any problem.

For the moment I'm stuck with what I have. I think and hope everything is about fixed.

However, I still have lingering doubts about the upgrade process. The Joomla version auto update seems OK but I'm concerned about some extensions not registering updates.

Akeeba Backup and Sourcerer are registering OK but I'm not too sure about Gantry, which is in the notification scheme.

I do wish now that I'd gone the copy and paste route and not invested all the time and effort into repairing the installation.

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