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Question Things That Don't Work As They Should

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5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #74 by Laurie
G'day there!

I'm hoping for some conversation that will help me understand and come to terms with some Joomla related things that don't work as they should. I guess the best thing is I just tell the stories and see where it goes.

I'm using J3.3.6 and mostly Gantry template V4.1.26 though also Helix 2 template and I've tested with Protostar, Beez 3 and Wright.

1) Gantry wouldn't display caption images correctly. The image float/center function didn't work and neither did the text align/center function. The caption was not confined within the image width.

I had to push the Rocket Theme people pretty hard to get a response. I finally got some css code to add and worked out the rest myself.

My problem was solved so far, but that doesn't explain how come that code wasn't included in a previous update of Gantry. I suspect it has been missing since the introduction of J3.x

It also doesn't explain why the same problem exists in Helix 2 and Wright but is OK in Protostar. I forget how it was in Beez 3 (I've done so much testing my head spins).

But with those aspects fixed, the captioned images are not responsive while the non-captioned images are responsive. I'm pushing Rocket theme again for a solution to this, without success so far.

2) The client wants a dark main menu and a light header. Gantry has a button for a light or dark header, including the RokNavMenu.

I reckoned it would be easier to choose the dark option and style the top gradient, leaving the menu dark, rather than style all the elements of the nav bar from the light menu. All went well. Easy peasy!

Trouble is, in my Android tablet (Telstra T Hub with Chrome browser) the browser ignores my styling and delivers the dark header along with the dark menu. So I reverted to the light header setting and styled the nav. Does Android not recognize CSS3. Whatever drives the light/dark button, javascript I guess, wins over the .css, so it seems.

3) I have a RokNavMenu dropdown main menu. Works a treat in my desktop, Windows 8, Firefox and Chrome, but in the android tablet, I can sometimes sneak on the child menu items and get to the desired page, but mostly it refuses. Certainly not good enough to publish.

4) I can't understand how little old Laurie, the nobody in the Joomla world, can identify such basic problems with the templates and yet can find little on the net about them.

I suppose the big names all know the solutions and implement them, while the lesser mortals who need the particular features just write off the templates as no good and move on to something simpler.

I'd really appreciate a point in the right direction here. During the writing of this post I've had a phone call from the business consultant (for whom I subby) who wants to make a statement to his client about the readiness of the dev site to go public in responsive form.

If Elliot is around I'd be real pleased to hear from him since he seems to know Gantry well.

If solutions are available, I'd be willing to bring my laptop to Canberra for a session with someone who could help or else provide a login if someone is willing.

Please see part of the homepage as it sits right now on my rough, workshop version:

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5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #76 by sozzled
Replied by sozzled on topic Things That Don't Work As They Should
G'day, Laurie, and thanks for your question.

Without a doubt, the Beez3 template is possibly one of the worst template designs ever released by Joomla. As you, quite rightly, surmised in another topic

Laurie wrote: I conclude that there's either a problem with J3.3.6 hooking up with Gantry and Beez 3 templates or a problem with Beez3 and Gantry hooking up J3.3.6.

I suppose the answer is that in the next Joomla version Beez3 should be fixed and Gantry, and maybe a lot of other templates, should be fixed. The other alternative is to fix Joomla in the next version.

The issues in fact go deeper than that.

The Beez3 template has some really bad problems. For example, there are problems with the Javascript libraries that break Mootools. For this reason, I never use Beez3 when I am testing a Joomla website.

While the Protostar template may not be considered "the best", either—and Beez20 is not "too bad"—the Protostar template is about as close as you'll get with the default Joomla template to a Bootstrap template and, you probably know, Gantry templates are Bootstrap derivative.

The biggest problem at the moment is that J! 3.3.6 is riddled with issues and, for that reason, I have been [impatiently] waiting for J! 3.3.7 which is supposed to address those problems. Until such time as J! 3.3.7 is released, I've held back upgrading Joomla beyond J! 3.3.3 which was the last "safe" version before the wheels fell off.

This doesn't necessarily help your particular situation, I know, and I'm definitely no expert when it comes to Gantry templates. I share your disappointment that Rockettheme has been slow in picking up the pace when it comes to supporting a template that you paid good money for, too.

Personal opinions:

RockNavMenu: I admit that I've tried it and I was not impressed. While several of Rockettheme's plugins and modules do some "fancy" things, (e.g. RokCandy), even Rockettheme has admitted that you need to exercise extreme caution when you try to use them; RokCandy was a number one killer for Kunena. It largely depends on the software soup that you mix when building your website as to which Rockettheme plugins and modules are worth the effort in using.

CSS, even for mobile devices, takes work. Android devices work a little differently to Apple devices. Every browser works differently again (so, some things that work in Firefox don't work with Internet Explorer—or different versions of IE—or even with Safari). It's not just a case of wrestling with "responsive templates"—templates that automatically resize the content depending on the width/height of the target device—there are potentially many difficulties that can take hours of work to figure out what is the best way to deliver the content in a meaningful way to the person viewing the site from his/her platform of choice.

Again, I don't know if any of this helps a lot and it would be good to hear from other people who can share the benefit of their experience.

Read my blog and
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5 years 4 days ago #77 by Laurie
Replied by Laurie on topic Things That Don't Work As They Should
Thanks Sozzled! I should have responded sooner. Very helpful info and good to know I'm not alone in my frustrations.

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